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We pride ourselves on our packing standards. We can either give you a specified list of our packing options or a total packing rate based on the estimate we do of the clients household. For exports all furniture are wrapped in bubble wrap, paper and flat sheets of cardboard.

Many unprofessional removal companies think that packing starts and ends with the use of cartons.

Professional movers however, know that the proper and professional packing involves much more than that. Over the years we have developed a range of packing materials and methods, but these special packing techniques actually boils down to basic common sense.

Its all about logic. If an egg is placed on its side it will easily break. When placed on its head, however, it is almost impossible to break.

The same logical rule applies to fragile items. When packing cups and glasses, any professional packer will place them upright. Plates and saucers on the other hand should be places on their edges. These packing rules derive from the idea to reduce the area of stress and pressure. Also when items are packed into cartons, they should always be wrapped with paper to reduce the effects of impact.

Where larger furniture and fragile items like pictures and ornaments are concerned, these objects should always be wrapped in bubble plastic or cardboard flat sheets. Wooden crates for Antiques and Fragile items can be provided upon request. Your Sales Consultant will gladly quote you for each item specifically.